In the fantastic world of Achaea, Good Versus Evil is always a key concept. The city of Shallam is called the city of Light, the city of pure good. But the city has been condemned by many for attacking and being vengeful and violent. The city of Mhaldor, however, slaughters innocent people, wastes entire villages, and murders ruthlessly. Good versus Evil also has Gods to related. However, even followers of Evil are required to 'respect' the good gods, which nobody likes. Followers of good even have to 'respect' the evil gods, and act kind to them.

Beyond that, there are also concepts of Order and Chaos, which are not related to Good/Evil in any way apparently. Order is related to creation, and Chaos is the antithesis of creation. Chaos seeks to destroy and break apart, while evil only seeks to bend creation to it's own will.

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