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Achaea Quests

Here's a bunch of Quest stuff for Achaea! Achaea Quest Guides are for people who can't figure out these tough quests on their own.


Clay Quest - Find the three pieces of clay that are on the rovers and swamp. Take the clay to the starving artist in the de Vermiis gallery in North Eastern Ashtan. (I'm pretty sure he doesn't eat them.)

Cracker Quest - Find the cracker on Manike Way in the middle part of northern Ashtan. Then give the cracker to the parrot you find. It will start to follow you, so lead it back to the old sailor in the Seadog Tavern in the NW part of Ashtan. You'll get a hookah to take to Epicurus.

Hood Quest - Get the hood that you may find in the North end of Guardian's Avenue in Ashtan. Take it to the executioner on the Radiant Path (in north-central Ashtan), and he will give you a backscratcher that you will take to Epicururs. (I have completed this quest)


Glomshaul Quest - Find the red mallet in the west part of upper Azdun near the goblin miners. Then go East a couple of times from the junction, break mirror, and say glomshaul.

Idol Quest - Get the idol from the strong chest in Azdun using two keys and bring it to the Spider Queen in the Eastern part of Azdun.

Panpipes Quest - Kill the hill giant on the lower level forest in Azdun. Go to the Unicorn Bridge and give faun pan pipes.

Parchment Quest - Find a piece of parchment paper under Azdun, and it gives you a recipe for a supposedly strong elixir.

Great Rock

Bug Quest - Collect dead spiders in the Eastern part of Azdun and give them to Arinas in Great Rock.

Maiden Quest - Greet Lotach on the highway just outside of Great Rock, and he will give you the Chalice of Beasts. Give this to Bearnath in the rock. Bearnath summons the Beastmaster with the Chalice. Kill the Beastmaster and get the key he will drop when he dies, and give the key to Kasha (the maiden in chains), and she will begin to follow you, so lead her to Lotash.
Mushroom Quests - Get mushrooms from the Ophidian caves and feed them to Arinas's beetle.


Chicken/Egg Quest - Go the poultry farmer in Thera and get the large egg from there. Then take the egg to Cyrene or Shallam (the basilica there is a hatchery). Once the egg is hatched, bring the chicken to the woodcutter in Thera.

Hemp Quest - Get the hemp in the Chamber of Peace of the Oneiros Temple, East of Shaastan. Give it to the rope maker in Thera. Take the rope that he gives you to the Blacksmith also in Thera.

Ulangi & Mysia
Jaru Chest - Pick up the chest in Jaru and take it to Kavan in Mysia. Then give the fruits to the pirates based on the colors of their shirts.

King Stag Quest - Say quest to Serach in Ulangi. Get the pendant. Wear the pendant. Go to the King Stag, and now you can kill him.

Pheasant Quest - Kill the pheasants wondering around the forests. Give them to the Horkval Queen for 200 gold each.

Lost Flask Quest - Get the flask in the beaver's den place (has exits to the down and out) in Cloud Forest. Take the flask for 500 gold to the Grook Hunter in the grook village on the northeast part of Ulangi.


Crossbow Quest - On level one you can find a crossbow east of the 9 mhun guards. Take the crossbow to the Mhun Captain a little southwest of there for 300 gold.


Achaea Quest

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