Achaea Skills

There are hundreds if not thousands of unique usable skills in the world of Achaea. These range from skills such as swimming, to more advanced things like flying and climbing trees. Achaea skills can also include those useful things that can earn money, such as filling vials with elixirs, or putting magical enchantments or augmentations on items. You can even do unique things such as sketch runes onto totems or in the dirt, make voodoo dolls of your enemies, and much more.

Involves the use of your falcon-bird and other chivalrous techniques to fell your opponent in battle. The falcon is a very useful companion, which can send and retrieve items, and do all sorts of other useful things. Learn more about Chivalry.

Healing is a priestly skill that allows you to heal you and sometimes others of dangerous afflictions with the power of faith. You can also use the fifth element, spirit, in your magics. Read more on Healing.

Essentially opposite of the more priestly skill. This skill is of pure chaos, and harming others. You can warp your opponents bodies, cause afflictions, have a sixth sense, recover mana, take less damage, and more. The occultism skill is dangerous and should never be used, but knowledge helps with defense.